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Lesser Known People

Jan 25, 2021

Albert Pierrepoint is breaking necks and cashing checks as England's official hangman for 25 years. With over 400 bodies on his jacket, Albert hanged some of Britain's most high-profile murderers and Nazi war criminals with the utmost professionalism and precision. The gang learns it's not always about the length of...

Jan 18, 2021

Come down the rabbit hole with us while we tell the story of Mary Toft, the woman who gave birth to rabbits. Explained by 18th century doctors as a case of "maternal impressions", Mary supposedly gives birth to a variety of animal parts, becoming a national sensation, and even gaining the attention of King George I....

Jan 10, 2021

Going by the alias DreadPirateRoberts, Ross Ulbricht founds and runs The Silk Road, a deep-web drug marketplace, where illicit materials are bought and sold anonymously. We tell the story of how this haven for free market economics turns into a drug empire, with murder-for-hire plots to guard the identities of those...

Jan 5, 2021

Fred DeMara, clergyman, educator, doctor, full of shit! Demara was a self-congratulatory conman and scumbag. But, despite it all, he may have saved a life, and helped a brotherhood of monks find their way. So strap in; this one gets wild.