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Lesser Known People

Aug 23, 2020

Tarrare, French showman, soldier, spy, and bottomless pit. Join the gang as they learn about this human trash compactor. Experience the world of Tarrare where everything is edible and a man's favorites snacks can range from trash to living creatures, and even secret(ish) military correspondence.

Aug 18, 2020

A 17th century French noblewoman rejects her life's laid out plans and basically does... whatever the hell she wants. Julie d'Aubigny is a woman who will sing an aria, kick your ass at swordfighting, and burn down a convent to steal away her lover. She's not the hero France deserves, but the hero France needed.

Aug 9, 2020

This story is kind of about David Ritz, a reporter for the Rolling Stone, and also kind of about Marvin Gaye in his twilight years. If you have ever heard "Sexual Healing" and wondered what it means, this episode will just add to your confusion, but you'll catch a real interesting story.

Aug 4, 2020

HitchBOT is a five-gallon bucket with pool noodle arms and a heart of gold. Be regaled by the story of a mostly useless robot that travels across four countries until he/she (the jury is still out on the gender) meets an unfortunate end. The gang is a little drunk in this episode and things take a few unexpected turns.